10' x 32" Timber deck with Pink Fade Performance SUP

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Our 10ft boards are great for cruzin the calm flat water or for getting out in the waves.

With 32″ of width, this provides great stability and with our performance nose you will be having an awesome time on the water.

Like all paddling craft, a more refined nose will provide a better water line and will also cut thru any chop with ease.

When in the surf, this style of nose will pop up through the white water easier and will enhance your ability to turn on a wave.

Once competent in the surf, this board rides best as a quad.  For extra performance, our fusion plugs allow for the side fins to be set a little further forward.

Our Timber deck sandwich with 6oz fiberglass is very strong and looks amazing.

A great all round SUP that holds good stability due to the 32 inches of width, with enhanced performance for both paddling and surf due to the refined nose profile.

The perfect SUP for the paddler that is looking for a board that will cover most conditions.

With increased fin capacity, this board is best ridden in the surf utalising the quad fin configuration.

The swallow tail will enhance your ability to shred in the surf.

We shape this board with a mono concave from the nose thru to the fins.  This will minimise the amount of water the board pushes when paddling and will increase the acceleration when dropping into a wave.

The deck not only looks like timber – it is! We use a 0.5mm sheet of timber and sandwich this between 6oz fiberglass to provide additional strength to the deck of the board, which will minimise impressions.


10' x 32" x 4 1/2" 171


5 (included) Epoxy Timber Sandwich with Vacuum Bagging Novice: up to 85kgs
Intermediate: up to 100kgs
Advanced: up to 115kgs

Additional features

  • CAD designed shape, machine cut and hand finished
  • Ergonomic recessed ledge carry handle
  • Automated air vent
  • Stainless Steel leg rope pin
  • 5mm stringer nose to tail
  • Fusion side fins plugs (FCS compatible), incredibly strong with fin position adjustment.
  • High quality "Secure Cell" EPS core
  • High quality Epoxy resin
  • All components, fin boxes, carry handles, leash and deck plugs are set in high-density foam blocks
  • 3 part automotive paint with matte and/ or gloss and polish finish or resin tint finish depending on board

If you’re looking for a more stable board, we recommend an 10' x 32" Classic (Round Nose) or stepping up to a 10'6".

If you're looking for a faster board, add more length and step up to a 10'6" or longer.

If you’re looking for more manoeuvrability, we recommend a narrower or shorter board.

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