404 V3 12'6" Carbon Green 26.5" wide 9.2kg Ex- Demo -Stable

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404 12'6″ V3 Carbon Green 26.5″ wide 9.2kg
Ex -Demo model on special now. Great board to start to training on really stable and light to carry.

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404 12'6" V3 Carbon Green 26.5" wide 9.2kg 2016 model.

"Best all-around racing board whether it's pure-glass flat water or knee-high chop. I've won more races on this board than anything other." - Danny Ching

The V3 is the best all-around race board available and is a proven winner. Years of testing, improving, and innovating board design created the V3. The signature "Square Rail" provides it's well-known Primary & Secondary Stability*. Unlike other boards, the nose glides slightly above the waterline allowing it not be affected by wind chop and other board wake.

*Primary Stability = Initial stability felt from centered and balanced position i.e. How stable a board feels when you first stand on it.

*Secondary Stability = Amount of stability felt once the board is off axis and has begun to tilt i.e. How stable a board feels once you are off balance. Most other race boards only have a primary stability.

404 Handle and Self Regulating Air Vent
FCS molded Micro-Dot SUP Traction
FCS SUP Series Touring 9.0 Fin
Board Construction
+ 1 lb EPS Foam (with carbon fiber stringer)
+ 5.7 oz Carbon Fiber
+ 4 oz Fiberglass


ATTENTION: Highly specialized equipment. Handle with care.
Engineered for performance, this lightweight carbon construction is susceptible to breakage from excessive pressure or repetitive blows to the structure. Use caution when transporting and riding as such damage is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered under warranty.


thickness/ 7.3″
volume/ 221.6 L
weight/ 18.5 lbs 8.39kg
max rider weight/ 220-240 lbs


thickness/ 7.3″
volume/ 230.7 L
weight/ 19.5 lbs 8.84kg
max rider weight/ 220-240 lbs


thickness/ 7.3″
volume/ 230.7 L
weight/ 20.5 lbs 9.2kg
max rider weight/ 220-240 lbs


thickness/ 7.3″
volume/ 228.8 L
weight/ 21.5 lbs 9.75kg
max rider weight/ 220-240 lbs

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