HIPPOSTICK AL pro 8 full carbon paddle

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HIPPOSTICK AL pro 8 full carbon paddle



HIPPOSTICK AL pro 8 full carbon paddle


While many paddlers are seeking for the newest and most innovative paddle to-date, Hippostick has alleviated the heartache of comparing the miniscule nuances of paddle design, and have kept it simple for you.

The 100% carbon fiber blade, shaft, and handle of the AL PRO do more than just look like the bat mobile turned into a SUP paddle. The handle is ergonomically fitted to hands of all sizes. The 1.125 inch cylindrical shaft is the perfect combination of stiffness and flex. And last and most important the blade provides a maximized catch and optimum release for every stroke taken.

While many paddle manufacturers paddles place too much surface area in the bottom of the blade, and others in the middle of the blade, the Hippostick AL PRO is like a real Hippo….well-rounded.

Ideal for any type of SUP paddling.

AVAILABLE BLADE SIZES: 8.5, 8.25, 8.0, 7.5

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