Kanulock 4m lockable tie down straps yellow - Alleydesigns  Pty Ltd                                             ABN: 44165571264
Kanulock 4m lockable tie down straps yellow - Alleydesigns  Pty Ltd                                             ABN: 44165571264
Kanulock 4m lockable tie down straps yellow - Alleydesigns  Pty Ltd                                             ABN: 44165571264
Kanulock 4m lockable tie down straps yellow - Alleydesigns  Pty Ltd                                             ABN: 44165571264

Kanulock 4m lockable tie down straps yellow

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  • Kanulock 4m lockable tie down straps yellow





    With regular tie-downs anyone can walk up to your car and take your board in less then 10 sec,

    With standard tiedowns, anyone can walk up to your roof racks and remove your kayak or board without attracting attention. Unfortunately it is that easy for someone to steal your gear from your roof racks. They simply pretend they own your car, untie your regular straps and your boards or kayaks are gone in under 10 seconds. This is a major concern when parking at the beach, river, shops, café or camping ground and leaving your car unattended.

    KanuLocks stop opportunistic theft

    Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns stop opportunistic theft. A thief cannot simply walk off with your board or kayak, the buckles can be locked securely by a key, your board or kayak cannot be slid out, the straps are reinforced with stainless steel cables and can’t be cut by a knife. Kanulocks are a great theft deterrent.

    Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns are so simple to use – they work exactly the same way as a regular set of tiedowns, with the added benefits of being able to lock and being uncuttable by knife.

    Boards and kayaks are stolen everyday! Don’t risk yours, lock them down with KanuLock.

    SUP Boards and kayaks are stolen everyday! We have all seen the signs and know of someone who has had a board or kayak stolen from their roof racks. It is a terrible experience and unfortunately it happens too often. The majority of board theft is opportunistic and can be prevented by locking your boards or kayaks down with Kanulocks. Why risk your beloved board or kayak to theft? Buy a set of Kanulock straps today.

    Windsurf 2 -3 boards –
    I windsurf and because the wind is always inconsistent, I take 2 boards to the beach to make sure that I can enjoy the conditions, or at least get planing. One of my boards is always left on the racks while I am out on the water. I now feel more relaxed while on the water, knowing my board is secure with my Kanulock lockable straps. Lenny, Currumbin Australia.

    Surf 2 – 3 Boards –
    I drive for an hour to get to the surf. I prefer to ride a shortboard, however I take my longboard incase the swell is small. When the surf is good I’m out on my shortboard and my longboard is strapped to my Roof racks with the Kanulocks. No worries now! Shaun, VIC, Australia

    Surf before work –
    I’m lucky enough to sneak in a surf before work. With the Kanulock tiedowns I now drive straight from the beach to work and leave the board strapped on the roof racks. I’m loving the convenience and the more time in the water. Katherine, NSW , Australia

    Paddle after work –
    If I go straight from work there is just enough daylight to get a 1 hour paddle in after work. Being able to leave my kayak strapped to my racks at work is fantastic. Julie, QLD, Australia

    Catch up with friends after a paddle –
    Every weekend I try and paddle with a few friends. Afterwards we often like to have a coffee or lunch at a café . With the Kanulock straps, being able to see the car and kayak at all times is no longer stressing me out. Sarah, Australia

    Family beach trips –
    With all the kid stuff in the car now, I am lucky to even fit my board on the roof racks. I strap it on with my Kanulock locking straps with hope of getting a chance to use it.. If I get time to use it, great! If not, at least I don’t have to worry about it. John, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

    Family camping trips –
    With the surfboards and kayaks strapped to the roof rack with the Kanulock lockable tiedowns, we do not have to continually worry when we leave the car to do a hike, or do some shopping, or while we camp overnight. The Kennedys, WA

    SUP and surf –
    If the surf is small I SUP, if the surf is good I surf. Fitting my SUP in the car is not an option.. I love my SUP that’s why I use the Kanulock straps. Dave, QLD, Australia

    Surf Life Saving Competitor –
    Travelling to competitions and training with my Ski and paddle board is a lot easier now that I have a way of locking them to my roof racks. Nice! Shane , VIC, Australia


    KanuLock Cannot Be Cut By Knife