Surfboard 9&
Surfboard 9&
Surfboard 9&
Surfboard 9&
Surfboard 9&
Surfboard 9&
Surfboard 9&
Surfboard 9&
Surfboard 9&
Surfboard 9&

Surfboard 9'6" "The Sunshine Underground" Bamboo Aqua

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    "The Sunshine Underground" 9' 6"Surfboard

    "Being on a wave, flowing with that energy and momentum is priceless. 

    It's like the sun is shining from underneath you." AB.


    The perfect surfboard for those in the Beginner to Intermediate range of surfing, or anyone looking for ease of catching waves with a nice smooth shape that will move rail to rail with ease.


    We offer a wide range of sizes in this model;


    7' x 21.2" x 2.8"     @  45.71 ltrs

    7'6" x 21.5" x 2.8"  @  49.42 ltrs

    8' x 22" x 2.8"        @  53.83 ltrs

    8'6" x 22" x 3"       @  62.69 ltrs

    9' x 22.5" x 3"        @  68.18 ltrs

    9'6" x 22.5" x 3"     @  71.70 ltrs


    Shaper: AB

    Nose:  Smooth rounded nose.   This will increase the board's float and stability.        Stability drives power and power catches waves - yeah... more waves!

    Tail:  Square tail.  The grandfather of all tail designs.  Provides great tail stability and more speed when planning or on fatter sections of the wave.

    Front Rails:  60/40 Smooth rolled rail. Will add a little more float and stability.

    Mid Section Rail:  50/50 soft rail. a smother surf and increases your turn initiation from the front foot.

    Rear Rails: Hard rail.  Great for turning the board - allows you to shift weight from rail to rail quicker and easier, ultimately giving the rider more control when on the back foot.

    Core: EPS 

    Stringer: 5mm plywood

    Shell: Bamboo sandwich - 0.5mm Real Bamboo sheet sandwiched between 4OZ fibreglass, lifting the strength of the deck. Underside 2 x 4OZ fibreglass.

    Resin: Epoxy

    Fins: 2+1 - USA Centre Fin Box & 2 x FCS fusion twin tab side fins